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"What should I wear?"

You definitely need walking boots. Or at least some good solid footwear. The walk is usually around 50% countryside and 50% on the roads

If it rains leadng up to the event, the countryside portions of the route can get very muddy; and if it's raining on the day a spare pair of socks is good idea too, as well as other water-proof clothing.

Rain in June? Well... this is Britain.

"What time does it start?"

Any time between 10am and 12noon.

"What's the route?"

Check out our youtube vids here.

"Will there be food?"

All the pubs get into the spirit of Pendle Pub Walk, and almost all do something special with food for walkers on the day - BBQs, hog-roasts, pie & pies, etc

"Can I bring my child?"

Yes - Anyone registered who is 17 years of age or younger on the day of the walk must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over) who is also registered on the walk and an indemnity form, confirming that the adult is responsible for them must be signed on the day.

"Can I bring my dog?"

Yes - Many of our canine friends enjoy Pendle Pub Walk.

Of course dogs need to be keep on a lead around livestock. Also, most pubs will allow dogs on their premises, but please keep them away from any food/restaurant areas.

"Won't the pubs be too busy?"

Busier than normal!

Having three starting points means that the walkers are more spread out

"Isn't this just a big pub-crawl?"

The answer to that is so long and complex and has been discussed - boisterously - at length - a lot!

Yes? No? Maybe? This is the way I see it... This event is to raise money for charity. The pubs just act as way-points on the walk for people to have a break. You don't have to go in the pubs on the route, and if you do, you don't have to drink alcohol. You have the freedom to do as you like. The only thing that we require... is that you get sponsored to do it.

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