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Two Routes For PPW 2013

21 Mar 2013

PPW organisers have announced that the 2013 event is going to be a little different to the previous charity walks

Following the record number of walkers on the popular annual walk (700 walkers last year) the 2013 event - Saturday 15th June - will have two routes.

The full two routes won't be announced just yet as details are being finalised - but PPW Grahame (Master-Chief) revealed...

"The first route will be similar to last year's 12 miles. The 2nd will be a 8 mile route, which will allow a better spread of walkers on the day, giving them the choice of what they are able to do.

PPW Paul (admin-monkey/webmaster) said...

"I'd estimate over 90% of fund-raisers who attend Pendle Pub Walk seem to be walking enthusiasts. Walkers who will enjoy the traditional 12 mile route. But we have to consider how busy the pubs will be, as well as walkers who attend with their children. Not to mention the other end of the spectrum... we've had octogenarians doing Pendle Pub Walk too.

"I wouldn't want to do the short-cut myself, because it misses out two great public houses involved with Pendle Pub Walk. And I think most of walkers will do the full route - not only for a spectacular route, but so they don't miss out on visiting these two cracking establishments. Two pubs that have made epic culinary contributions to previous walks, and are doing the same awesome food for the 2013 event. And if you can't figure out where this short-cut is from that... then... (inaudible)...."

Then he started mumbling about goblins and witches and flame-grilled red meat, but after he'd eaten lunch, he continued...

"Grahame and the other route planning guys have found some great tracks and routes throughout the countryside. The major chunk of the countryside walking is as we travel out to (and back from) Barley. I remember during the 2012 event, that sheep track by the river between Barley and Blacko had turned into a mud bath with the unusual heavy rain. But there's so many different routes through the stunning Pendle countryside... it's all about finding the right balance between beautiful scenery, fun and difficulty."